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Bespoke capacity building and sustainability training services

Our capacity building/sustainability training is designed to provide targeted guidance and support to companies, and to enable them to respond to the challenges they face in increasingly turbulent times.


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Whatever stage you are at with managing or embedding sustainability, our capacity building and consultancy drives the development and integration of sustainability; building value, creating opportunities and taking your approach to a new level.

We have worked extensively in developing and delivering training around the world. This has provided us with an unrivalled track record in creative and innovative sustainability training and capacity development.

Why take part?

Make sustainability a valuable part of your business by building staff understanding and skills.



  • sustainability trends and the resources you depend upon.
  • identify and prioritise environmental and social issues which represent sources of risk and opportunity to your business.


  • develop best practice to reduce business costs, enhance relationships with customers and suppliers and reduce impacts.
  • make your sustainability activities a source of competitive advantage and cost efficiency.

We have developed the specific packages below to meet a range of needs. Each of these is tailored to your particular delivery requirements. In addition, we design and deliver bespoke packages, which are developed from the ground up to meet specific requirements.


Fundamentals of Sustainability

The fundamentals of sustainability

We provide your staff with a grounding in environmental and social issues and the tools you need to embed sustainability into business processes.

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IEMA Sustainability Training Services


Dynamic Sustainable Teams

Dynamic Sustainable Teams

Build committed, action orientated teams to drive sustainability in your organisation. Make sustainability a valuable part of your business by building staff understanding and skills in management, staff engagement and reporting.

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EnVision Master Classes

EnVision Master Classes - Leadership in sustainability

Supporting organisational leaders to understand the strategic implications of sustainability and develop innovative and creative approaches. Our training stimulates leadership innovation.

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Metrics and measures

Specialist technical training

We can provide clear, focused training in specific areas such as sustainable construction, sustainable procurement, sustainability reporting, materiality assessment, stakeholder engagement, sustainability metrics and measures, cutting edge sustainability techniques.

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Bespoke training

Bespoke training and capacity building

With extensive experience of designing specialist training and interactive processes, we can develop bespoke training solutions to support your organisational needs ranging from half day master classes to ambitious programmes.  This can be a very cost effective option.

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Our experience

With over 20 years at the cutting edge of sustainability, we specialise in providing practical, business-focused training. We also assist in the development of sustainability vision, strategy and management.

We have worked in the UK, Europe and Worldwide with companies and NGOs including Elopak, IKEA, Aviva, National Grid, WWF International and the World Economic Forum.

WWF International One Planet Leaders

Between 2005-10 we developed and delivered this ambitious programme. At its core it supports a strategic transformative approach to sustainability. We developed extensive tools and models to support strategic development, including a groundbreaking electronic sustainability management system which was designed based upon our experience of global best practice and innovation. The programme has been delivered to many of the world's largest companies.

CITB Sustainable construction leadership and management development

CITB (now ConstructionSkills) is the UK training body for the construction sector. We developed and delivered leadership training to the organisation's executive team and over 100 senior managers.

ConstructionSkills Scotland

We worked with ConstructionSkills Scotland to identify needs and develop information and training materials for the members of three Scottish building federations.

Leeds Metropolitan University sustainable construction training

Prior to the commissioning of a significant new building programme, we worked with key senior staff to develop their understanding of the principles and opportunities of sustainable construction.

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Business context

We believe that training, education and capacity building is essential for building sustainable business. Unlocking and utilising the understanding and creativity of staff is a pre-requisite to truly embedding sustainability. In addition, an interactive, people-based process accelerates staff engagement and allows them to create solutions that work.

We employ participative training and capacity building techniques to support the majority of our services and also offer specific training in a number of technical and specialist areas within the subject of sustainability.

Most approaches to sustainability focus upon efficiency and the minimisation of negative impacts – doing things less badly. While efficiency is a critical component of any meaningful approach to sustainability we believe a focus upon truly understanding and enhancing the positive impacts of your business is a more innovative and ultimately hopeful endeavour; stimulating staff enthusiasm and creativity. It also more likely to provide effective responses to the challenges we all face.

Our training provides organisations with the opportunity to explore and understand sustainability risks and develop value creating responses which can be used to initiate new approaches to sustainability or to energise existing activities.



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“Terra has worked with WWF International since 2004 supporting our work driving the development of sustainable companies. They played a fundamental role in making the WWF One Planet Leaders Programme the success it is today."
Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, Director, Corporate Relations, WWF International
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