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Testimimonial panel “It is my pleasure to endorse Joss and Dominic Tantram for the support and inspiration they contributed to Elopak’s process of establishing an ambitious and far reaching strategy for transforming Elopak to a sustainable company." - Dagfinn Hansen, Senior Manager Environment

Towards 9 Billion Blog

Innovation for a sustainable future

Blog feature - Rejuvenative Enterprise

A Rejuvenative Enterprise is one which provides a manifest contribution to the abundance, vitality and productive capacity of natural capital and societies upon which it depends for skills, resources, markets and customers.

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Rejuvenative Enterprise

Beyond Sustainability, Towards Rejuvenative Enterprise on Sustainable Brands

A future of healthy and thriving ecosystems and 9 billion capable citizens is an ambitious vision and a powerful driver for the development of economies, businesses and societies. The companies that will build such a future will be Rejuvenative Enterprises.

Salzburg Global Seminar

Terrafiniti at Salzburg Global Seminar

Terrafiniti's IPO (Initial Public Offering) for the Earth at the Seminar’s session 515 – new governance for sustainability.

More life now! A manifesto for rejuvenative technology on Sustainable Brands

We need to drive a flowering of technology that is rejuvenative in its impact and biotic in its nature. Organisations, governments, companies and just plain everyone should be contributing to the sum total of life on this planet.

Towards 9 Billion on Second Sight

With its quarterly magazine Second Sight provides an ongoing research into the spirit of our times.
Terrafiniti’s Towards 9 Billion concept was featured within Second Sight’s Issue #34 on Interdependence.

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