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Earth Public Offering

We are bombarded with scientific evidence and media messages suggesting that as a species we are exceeding environmental limits and thereby living beyond our means.

Looking beyond current financial crises, we need to develop the operating parameters for a sustainable enterprise and communicate these in terms that engage with business and society.

An IPO for the Earth, an EPO

The EPO will provide a succinct synopsis of the Earth as a going concern. It will reinforce the value that natural systems provide to human societies and highlight that an understanding of planetary assets, capabilities and challenges are a critical requirement for truly strategic decision making. It will assist a re-evaluation of value in modern economies and describe how the natural environment and sustainable behaviours that support it provide the basis for sustainable enterprise.

Mimicking the form and purpose of an Initial Public Offering, the EPO will define the operating context for business and society. By introducing simple, resonant principles for planetary management, it will help describe a world of functioning and thriving ecosystems and 9 billion capable citizens.

By exploring the earth in terms of a good investment opportunity the EPO will also provide a positive vision for the value of sustainable behaviours and highlight the enormous opportunities this provides for investors, business, societies and our species as a whole.

Working with partners, we are currently planning to run a competition for the first stage of the EPO, contact us to find out more.






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