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UNEP FI Natural Capital Declaration

Valuing Natural Capital in a Perfect World

The Natural Capital Declaration was a commitment proposed by the United Nations Finance Initiative and its partners in late 2011.

The Declaration was circulated to financial institutions to gain their signature and support with the aim of taking the Declaration to the Rio+20 conference in summer 2012.

Taking the commitment seriously will require fundamental changes in the intent and nature of investment activities in order to:

  1. Understand risk - recognise threats to Natural Capital as existential, systemic level risks, and;
  2. Recognise value - develop the means to undertake investment activities on the premise that natural systems provide the basis of all life and hence underpin all 'real' economic value.

We believe that a meaningful response to the declaration provides an unrivalled opportunity for radical innovation in the way that natural capital and ecosystem services can be valued by investors and financial institutions, read more below...

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